The COVID-19 crisis illuminated the need for animal shelters across Canada to adjust their operations in order to not only focus on protection, adoption and education, but also to provide critical social and community support to companion animal-loving Canadians who may be suffering financially during this uncertain time.

As the financial crisis deepens, shelters are reporting an increasing need from their community, particularly for pet food. Support mechanisms are now necessary to ensure that families can afford to keep their beloved companion animals. In order to meet this need, Humane Canada has established a grant program that provides up to $7500 to support programs that serve their community through access to pet food and essential pet care items. Organizations can apply for funds to purchase pet food and supplies and/or the materials needed to set up a pet food bank.

Eligibility criteria

Before applying, please carefully review our criteria to determine if your organization is eligible for support. All organizations must:

  • not have been previously awarded a grant from the National Pet Food Bank
  • be a registered Canadian charity or qualified done as specified under the Canadian Income Tax Act
  • provide pets a safe, caring, clean and socially enriched environment (if the organization houses animals)
  • have a physical shelter with posted hours of operation for viewing and pet adoption or be a companion animal support organization or be a food bank or human social service organization
  • if selected, sign an agreement to use the funds as stated in their application and provide all required reporting
  • complete this application and provide all requested documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered

Applications will only be accepted through Submittable from November 25, 2022 to December 9 at 5:00 pm EST. Due to resource limitations, not all grant applicants will receive funding and not all will receive the amount requested. Recommendations to award a grant and the amount given will be made by the Grant Review Committee. Final decisions will be made by Humane Canada.

All funds will be awarded by January 31, 2023.


Please complete the online application form by first creating an account. Once your account has been created, scroll down to complete the application.

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